Highlight reel of our adventures in Miami.
A quick test flightto see if the Trailer to wing concept would work.
This is what my trip over the edge looked like. (Spoiler alert -- 30feet straight down!!)
GoPro mounted to the top of the truck give a nice POV shot over the edge and into the water.
Brian and Brad practicing.
Tim Fancher, Brad Sitton, Jonathan Wolfe, Joey Supple, Mauro Reyes, Michel Lines. 
The camera Loves US!! Before the big jump RedBull opened up "the Hanger" to the public. Lots of photos, lots of fun.
My smoken hot wife getting interviewd by ESPN.
In 2011 we went back... This time we picked up the 2nd place trophy.
Yes that is a life sized DeLorean, with working gullwing doors.
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