At Orchestrate we specialize in creating experiences. So when we were asked to create an interactive storybook to help tell the story of Jesus' birth, live on stage at a Christmas Eve program, we wanted to tell a story that would engage children and adults in a way that would fill them with wonder and awe.
The pop-up book was created by a local artist. The video content was a combination of green screen footage we shot and virtual sets created in Photoshop. The digital assets were then composited together in After Effects. The final playback was done with Resolume and Madmapper.
The Christmas "Pop-up Storybook" live onstage for the Christmas Eve program at Thomas Road Baptist Church.
Testing out the book, desk and sides in the Orchestrate warehouse.
Josephs workshop.
Set up a mini photo studio on the dinning room table.
Created a storyboard with Keynote.  We needed a script, a pop-up book, video, audio, actors, musicians, fabricators all woring together, Keynote worked out great to help show everyone how all of the pieces were going to come together.
Graphics for Guy, the pop-up book artist.
I set the book up on my desk with a PJ connected so I could see my After Effects comps live on the book.
The multi-talented John Gray was DP and The Prohet Isaiah.
Live animals... wahooo!
Projection mapping with Madmapper.
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